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Christine Nicole is not your average singer songwriter and performer. Originally born in New Mexico but raised in Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly, she loved music from a young age. Christine Nicole stepped into the spotlight at the young age of six. She and her parents knew that she was meant for the stage and that the music business would be in her future. She started performing in various venues throughout her adolescence and teenage years before studying Vocal Commercial Music on scholarships at the famous Creative Arts Department at South Plains College.


Christine's voice is clear and clean but her presence has always been commanding. "The stage is my home. If you run into me on the street you might find me slightly quirky and even awkward but the moment it's my time to perform, I’m comfortable, carefree, and sociable. It’s like all of a sudden I feel like I’ve known everyone in the audience for years. I connect on a deep level. I love that!"


She has been known to dabble in multiple genres but has learned to infuse her unique style of pop into every song she writes. "I draw my inspiration for my music from everything. I like to marry my music to various art platforms." In January of 2010 Christine teamed up with powerhouse producer Teel Merrick of Polk Street Studios. That August her first single “Sister” hit the airwaves of West Texas’ 91.1 The One and various independent stations around the country.

In 2012 Christine officially released two singles, “Sister” & “Run Away” on dozens of distribution sites including iTunes & Spotify. “These songs are complete opposites of each other. 'Sister' was a tribute to bubble gum pop while ‘Run Away’ was a really deep song that I really believe showed my style as a singer/songwriter.” After the releases Christine Nicole decided to work on playing more shows within West Texas before moving to Houston at the beginning of 2015. “This was a tough move. Nothing in the world can prepare a small town girl for the big city. I wanted to transition properly not only as a person but an artist. I decided to take a break, as a lot of artists do. I never disappeared but I think it was a good learning period. I had time to grow as well as accept my new journey.”

Fast forward to 2018 and Christine Nicole is quickly coming back into the music scene but now as a Houston musician. In February 2018 she released her third single, "Just a Trend" and in June released, "Hush" a duet with Julian Bleu. This year she is vowed to write more, release more, as well as team up with new management. “I absolutely love what I'm doing right now, what I'm creating! I really have wanted to focus on writing more and collaborating. I’m working on so many projects my head is spinning but it is extremely exciting. While I might be working on the music itself I can't not wait to get to the stage again to connect with old fans and new fans!"

In May 2018 Christine started collaborating with producer/musician Will Boreing of Speak Easy Studio to work on her 2019 EP. "I feel really blessed to be working with Will and his wife Lindsay. They are established and well known musicians who have toured and worked with the best of the best in the LA circuit. I know my music is in good hands! I cannot wait for everyone to hear what we've been working on. Be ready!"