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Christine Nicole is not your average singer songwriter and performer. Originally born in New Mexico but raised in Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly, she loved music from a young age. Christine Nicole stepped into the spotlight at the young age of six. She and her parents knew that she was meant for the stage and that the music business would be in her future. She started performing in various venues throughout her adolescence and teenage years before studying Vocal Commercial Music on scholarships at the famous Creative Arts Department at South Plains College.


Christine's voice is clear and clean but her presence has always been commanding. "The stage is my home. If you run into me on the street you might find me slightly quirky and even awkward but the moment it's my time to perform, I’m comfortable, carefree, and sociable. It’s like all of a sudden I feel like I’ve known everyone in the audience for years. I connect on a deep level. I love that!"


She has been known to dabble in multiple genres but has learned to infuse her unique style of pop into every song she writes. "I draw my inspiration for my music from everything. I like to marry my music to various art platforms." In January of 2010 Christine teamed up with powerhouse producer Teel Merrick of Polk Street Studios. That August her first single “Sister” hit the airwaves of West Texas’ 91.1 The One and various independent stations around the country. Over the last nine years she has released 9 singles across dozens of distribution sites including Spotify and Apple music. She also collaborated with Houston Electric artist Beatnik Neon on a single, "Rag & Bone", as well as provided songwriting and vocals for his full length album. She did a brief stint in well known Houston band Dark Spark Rays.

Rumors started swirling that she had begun working on a secret project at the end of 2019 which proved to be true. Christine officially announced in early 2020 that she would have a project to share by the end of the year. "This project is by far the scariest thing I have done as an artist, as an individual. I am keeping secrets but for a very good reason. I've only allowed my team to know exactly what is going on. I can't wait to spill it all but the timing is everything with this one. I know I've hinted but there's a lot going on. If you thought you knew me I promise after this that you will have realized that you didn't. It's going to be heartbreaking but beautiful for both my fans and myself."

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